Zabovo News

We may be small but we have big ideas.  Here are some of the things we are working on...


  • DevcampTivoli an this idea to get about twenty to thirty "hands-on" type Tivoli customers, consultants, and developers to try and solve Doug's "and how to do them" question. Attendees will break out into teams and develop solutions. The results will be shared as a BOF session during the week at the Tivoli conference. Also the developed code will be submitted to the OPAL site. Bring you laptop and be ready to get your hands dirty.
  • The date is set for May 18th 2008 in Orlando

Drupal CMS and EC2

  • We have moved all of our web sites to Drupal and Amazon's EC2/S3.  Furthermore we are building all future sites based on templates we have created.  We plan on delivering training and testing services based on this framework. 
  • Keep your eyes on our first free offering "Tivoli Best Practices" portal. 


  • We now have Six online classes created at Xtrain.  You can see the free class at
  • Xtrain

  • Class List:
Class hours Description
ITM 6 Fundamentals 8 A class for anyone using the ITM 6 Portal. Covers situations, and TEP Customization.
ITM 6 Universal Agent 8 A detailed class for creating and developing Universal Agents
ITM 6 Best Practices 4 A class for ITM system administrators
ITM 6.2 Differences Workshop P1 4 A class for anyone who has taken the ITM 6.2 Fundamentals class and needs the updated information for ITM 6.2
ITM 6.2 Differences Workshop P2 4 A class for ITM system Administrators who need to know the differences to install, maintain and update ITM 6.2
ITM 6.2 Agent Builder Workshop 8 A detailed class for creating agents with the new ITM 6.2 Agent Builder